Welcome to Bonsairium, home of Bonsai Trees in a Tank, art of growing your bonsai in a controlled environment, beautiful selection of housings, different shapes and sizes to create a miniature landscape, a perfect habitat for your wooded plant.
Bonsairium (Bonsai Terrariums) are one of a kind miniature ecosystems containing live trees

Bonsairium kits are designed for ease of creating and put together of live art pieces using living moss and trees that can last a life time, what a beautiful gift to share. All in one package: tank (Housing), light, earth layer (includes sufficient amount of media according to type of tree and the housing used, also includes filtering media to keep housing clean, vitamins  and minerals for your tree), rocks and different color gravels for top cosmetic design, easy put together and care instruction and of course a beautiful tree. Backgrounds posters and much moreā€¦

You can choose from variety of kits available on our Product Page or mix and match any housing with any tree or any color theme, Design your own Bonsairium.

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