About Us

Bonsairium is dedicated to providing easy to assemble Bonsai Habitats, using a few simple yet effective newer technology allows your tree to grow healthy and thrive inside a Bonsairium housing, proper earth layer building, LED covering vast frequency of sun rays with minimal power usage and no heat generating has changed the game for indoor plants and trees, beautiful selections of small, medium and large housings (Round Cylindrical, Rectangular and Square Cubes, also irregular shapes such as angled full front view) allows moisture control as your tree needs sufficient moisture that is usually not available inside your home/office.

It’s time to Bring your Bonsai inside your Home, Apartment and Office

Best Gift
Fun Project, Moms and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas spend time on priceless experience with your Son / Daughter, Grandson / Granddaughter

Kits would Include (based on Model):
Housing, many sizes and shapes available
LED Light
Earth Layer
Top Layer Gravel/Sand, many colors available
Rocks, many colors available
Decorative Items, such as miniature houses, animals and fences
Instruction sheet to Assemble and care

Please see our Products page for your Bonsairium