Dream (Customize It)


Custom build a Bonsairium

Choose the size and shape of your tank, includes Led light and complete Earth Layer Kit

Optional, miniature pieces to enhance your design. (you may select more than one)



Bonsairium (Bonsai Terrariums) are one of a kind miniature ecosystems containing live trees

Build your own, choose your tank shape and size, choose your live tree, and design

Once you choose your tank, the kit to build your tank is included

Please use the drop down menus to customize your Bonsairium

All images are custom made Bonsairium and have different add-ons, please see description for your kit

We ship on Mondays to assure your live tree spends least amount of time in transportation

Additional information

Weight 150 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 16 in