Bonsairium is consistently working on generating safe habitats for different species of trees inside Bonsairium Housings, we conduct testing on the growth of all types of trees by studying the origin of every tree and their natural habitats and try to simulate the same.

Landscaping and designs are fun, so we try to provide many options on colors of sands and gravels, Rocks and Moss, final cosmetic of any Bonsairium will be your design, our kits have everything you need per the housing size and the type of tree to set up your Bonsairium.

Earth Layer, is a multi-layer of different media to help proper growth, consists of but not limited to: activated charcoal (keep your Bonsairium housing fresh) and mixes of Pumice, Black Lava Rocks, Peat Moss, Vermiculite, Potting Soil, small fir bark, sand, keeping drainage and air circulation for healthy root growth plus mixes of Vitamin B1, Iron and seaweed, Nitrogen and Phosphorus fertilizer composites.

Live Tree, Pre-Bonsai, we’ll do minimal cutting on branches to shape and prepare it for your size housing, this would allow you to do more cutting based on your imaginations and design or leave it as is. Eventually as it grows you will do more cutting to shape your Bonsai.

Root Cutting and Preparation for shipping and planting.

We want to know what type of Bonsairium you would like to build, contact us

Customize your Bonsairium, even if it is not part of our standard products, tell us your ideas and requirements we will do our best to provide you kits with your specific needs.

Build a Bonsairium with your child or grandchild and enjoy taking care of it and watching it grow for many years.

Proper Vitamins and Minerals are essential for the longevity of the life of your tree, healthy beautiful green leaves are a good indicator of our research.

Currently our kits are designed based on and for the following trees (seedlings and Cuttings):

Working on / upcoming projects

Fruit Trees (Citrus, Apple, Pomegranate, Olive, Fig)
Amber Tree
Brazilian Raintree
Miniature Roses
Lotus / Water Lilies

Contact the Gardener with any questions or Projects